Actual problems of complex safety and security of critical facilities | ГАЗМАШПРОЕКТ

21 вторник 2017

February 9, 2017 in Crocus Expo on “TB Forum” with the support of the Federation Council on Defense and Security and Research Center of the RAS security concerns of the Committee held a conference on the theme “Actual problems of complex safety and security of mission-critical facilities”

Management and OOO “GAZMASHPROEKT” specialists took part in the ongoing conference.

The conference was organized at a high level, especially the staff of “GAZMASHPROEKT” noted the following performances:

  • Igor Fokin (Head of Control Energy – Deputy Head of the State Control over GULRRiGK Rosgvardii, police Maj.) With the report “On the implementation of the federal state control (supervision) over ensuring security of fuel and energy complex”
  • Boris Protasov (Head of Fire Safety Department of the technical operation and maintenance department Ltd. “Stroygazmontazh”) on “Ensuring fire safety during the construction of the main gas pipeline” Power of Siberia “,”
  • Igor Moseeva (Head Office security JSC “Norilsk-Taimyr Energy Company) on” Security of Energy facilities in the Far North: engineering and technical solutions and regulatory “
  • Sergei Kovalenko (leading engineer of department of examination of normative and technical documentation of LLC “Gazprom gaznadzor”) on “Prediction of the feasibility of different types of adverse events at the facilities of trunk pipelines Unified Gas Supply System of Russia”
  • Anatoly Arab (deputy chief engineer of LLC “Gazprom mining Yamburg” for Scientific and Technological Development and Ecology, PhD) on “Applied, the security of gas fields of technogenic catastrophes strategy on the example of Yamburg field and the Polar”.