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Actual problems of ensuring industrial safety of oil and gas enterprises

09 понедельник 2018

“Optimizing and increasing the efficiency of work by switching to electronic document management” – the keynote of the all reports which were presented on the conference. On behalf of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor), the following speakers spoke:
Kuznetsova T.A – Deputy Head of the Department for Supervision over the Objects of the Oil and Gas Complex Rostekhnadzor. The topic of the report is “Basic directions of industrial safety regulation in the oil and gas sector”. The report noted that, in accordance with the risk-based approach introduced in the service, the number of inspections of hazardous production facilities (hereinafter referred to as “GRO”) will decrease. And the audit plan will directly depend on the data provided on-line in the online monitoring of the GCO – this is a dynamic model for the organization of unit’s control.
Kartavy O.A – Acting Director of the Head of the Project Coordination Department of the Legal Department of Rostechnadzor. The topic of the report is “Realization of Rostekhnadzor of the priority program «Reform of Control and Supervisory Activities » The report noted that, work is being carried out to unify the forms of submission of monitoring reports on the status of the PB of the PBO since 2018. These measures will reduce the risks of ambiguous evaluation and interpretation of the state of GCO and will enable reliable analysis.
Kolesnikov A.V. – Head of the Organization of Technical Expertise and Investigation of the NSSO. The topic of the report is “Actual issues of liability insurance for owners of hazardous objects in the framework of Federal Law No. 225-FL” In the report it was noted that according to 225-FZ “Civil Liability Insurance” the receipt of payments for the event of an insured event occurring in the GRO, individuals and legal entities can claim damages from insurance companies. For example: If an individual slips and gets injured while refueling a car at a gas station, he or she will right to receive an insurance payment from a legal entity – the owner of the GRO and the insurance company. In the company GAZMASHPROEKT, work on developing of the introduction of automation production processes and the transition to EDM has continued for more than three years. In particular, an automated complex for the formation of reporting documentation (AKFOD) was developed and implemented. The introduction of this resource opens new opportunities for the formation of reporting documentation: Generation of the reporting documentation creates in minutes from anywhere in the world and from mobile devices, without departing from the diagnosed object. A populated single database allows you to enter a diagnosed type of equipment into the database and use it to generate reports on a single click. Also in a single database includes the database on the instrument park of the organization, visiting personnel, regulatory documentation. Each created report is automatically recorded document in an electronic archive with a registration number, which allows you to monitor the dynamics of the surveyed equipment, and also use it to re-compile the reporting documentation, filling only the measurement graphs. Ability to create reports for technological complexes. The personal cabinet for each employee allows you to track the progress of the execution of the formation of reporting documents to the manager. At any time, you can find out who made this or that kind of reporting documentation. The functionality of the personal cabinet is not limited by the functionality. For departments involved in the preparation of documents for visiting personnel for a business trip, a personal office was also created for the rapid formation of permits packages of documents and sending them to the press. Possibility of full transition to electronic circulation of documents within the organization, and also works with the Client. As a result of the implementation of this complex, the Company’s customers receive the opportunity: Control the process of preparation and formation of reporting documentation through a personal cabinet. Participate with proposals for updating the content of the reporting documentation online. Get the ready express report, the passport of the technical device and the conclusion of industrial safety in a matter of seconds via the information communication channel. The opportunity to move to full-fledged document circulation within the contractual relationship. It is necessary to emphasize that all processes of information transfer are based on the fundamental principles of information security, including: – use of Russian technologies to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, authentication and accessibility of information transmitted and processes of its processing; – preferential use of domestic software and equipment; – application of information security technologies using Russian cryptographic standards. Moscow, March 28, 2018.