Monitoring and diagnostics of transformers | ГАЗМАШПРОЕКТ

25 воскресенье 2018

The fourth year in a row the staff of department of electric equipment of LLC GAZMASHPROJECT participates in the annual international conference which is taking place to Perm. At a conference the questions connected with operation and technical diagnosing of electric equipment in the advanced energy companies on world space are taken up.
Within the 15th international conference which took place to Perm from February 14 to February 16, 2018 the issues connected with operation and technical diagnosing of power transformers and high-voltage cable lines were discussed. The main attention in a scientific part of a conference has been paid to application of the SFRA method (Sweep frequency response analysis, the Analysis of the Frequency Response) for search of deformations and defects in transformers. Eminent scientific persons and heads of the advanced enterprises “DIMRUS”, LLC Gazprom neftekhim Salavat, LLC TES, JSC Tyumenenergo, LLC Elmash (UETM), LLC Testservice, LLC Megger and also foreign representatives from ZTZ Services Int participated in performances., ABB AB, OFIL Ltd. In the field of technical diagnosing reports have been directed to modern methods of inspection with use of modern devices and devices (generally domestic production!), which allow to reduce significantly time of work and to receive better results.
From among the equipment mentioned in reports, specialists of LLC GAZMASHPROJECT have allocated the following:
1. The figurative autonomous CPDA-15 system – intended for technical diagnosing of high-voltage cable lines by a method of partial categories, without putting a cable on trials by the increased tension which, finally, can very perniciously affects the examinee a cable.
2. The portable measuring device of the 3i brand (Intellectual Insulation Indicator, the Intelligent indicator of defects in isolation) – is intended for operating control of a condition of isolation in the high-voltage equipment. Advantages of this device before the others that it allows to reveal defects at distance in electric equipment being under the working tension.
In addition to scientific reports for participants trainings and the actual classes were given in monitoring and diagnostics of transformers, expeditious diagnostics of cable lines, couplings, measurement of partial categories of isolation, monitoring of cable lines and CREWE of 6-35 kV, vibration diagnostics of the power equipment.
Organizers of the Conference have conducted a tour to one of the largest plants on production of the optical Inkab cable, for OKGT presentation with the central optical module. GAZMASHPROJECT the plant has impressed employees with the scale, purity in shops and production opportunities.
Following the results of the Conference employees GAZMASHPROJECT have gained new knowledge and are ready to apply new experience in the production activity.