Achievements | ГАЗМАШПРОЕКТ



Harmonious work of the Company’s specialists allowed to achieve high results

1-малDeveloped and registered

20 828 industrial safety expertise


2-малThe work on diagnostics on

6 548 objects of oil and gas industry


3-малDeveloped and handed over to the Customer (Customer)

23 451 passports and technical reports 


4 малWorks on repair and maintenance are executed

1 458 objects of oil and gas industry



 The company has achieved tremendous results in its industry in all areas of activity

133 757 км
pipelines located in Russia


Developed and registered

15 996 expertise and technical reports



7 678 contracts



7 598 objects of oil and gas industry



523 qualified specialists


Licenses, certificates, certificates



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The reorganization of ZAO “Gazmashproekt” in OOO “GAZMASHPROEKT” took place.

From this moment, GAZMASHPROEKT is an expert organization and performs works on assessing the technical condition of facilities, technical diagnosis and examination of industrial safety of technical devices, design documentation, buildings and structures, and also has all the licenses and certificates necessary for the performance of works.

The strategic goal in this direction is the establishment of the Company as the leader among diagnostic organizations by introducing new modern scientifically grounded and experimentally tested software and hardware, and methodological methods of diagnosing and examining, ensuring reliability and reliability of the results obtained and calculating the resource of technical devices and equipment while improving the system process quality management at all stages of diagnostic services.

The company carries out the production of works on overhaul, maintenance and current repair:

– Power equipment

– Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems

– Fire safety equipment

– Anticorrosive coatings (painting)

– Gas-thermal spraying of coatings


Gazmashproekt carries out the electrotechnical part of the projects of binding the equipment of its own production, reconstruction projects of the oil and gas industry.
The company cooperates with the largest design organizations of Russia and the CIS: OJSC “Yuzhniigiprogaz”, OJSC “VNIPIGAZDOBYCHA”, CJSC “GasNIIproekt”, JSC “Sibneftetransproekt”, DOAO “GIPROGAZTSENTR”, etc.

Project works are carried out on the basis of valid licenses.

Gazmashproekt became the official service partner of Mokveld Valves in Russia. Providing services in the supply of spare parts, service and repair of any type of Mokveld valves. Our customers are the largest gas transportation companies in Russia and the CIS. Specialists of our company regularly undergo training in Mokveld Valves, have extensive experience and necessary qualifications, which is confirmed by personal certificates of Mokveld Valves.

The company has become an industry distributor and service partner of corporations such as Schneider Electric, ABB in the oil and gas industry.

The company produces the full range of works on the introduction of modern equipment: design, equipment supply, installation and commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service. To maintain the appropriate level of qualification, the company’s specialists are regularly trained in training centers.

Also Gazmashproekt is engaged in the production of low-voltage complete devices (NKU) intended for receiving and distributing electric energy in AC networks with voltages up to 1000 volts with a frequency of 50 hertz, remote, automated and manual control, monitoring, signaling and protection of equipment against short-circuit and overload currents, protection personnel from electric shock.

Gazmashproekt conducts commissioning and repair works of the entire complex of specialized and general industrial equipment used in gas production, storage and transportation systems.


The Branch Gazmashproject “Nagatinsky” was created. The staff of the branch is represented by highly qualified specialists who have many years of experience in implementing systems and methods for diagnosing process equipment at OAO Gazprom, SIBUR Holding, and OAO LUKOIL. In addition, the instrument park of the branch is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment.

The branch’s forces carry out complex works on introduction of new monitoring, monitoring and diagnostic systems, as well as works related to repair and maintenance of the existing systems in operation, as well as diagnostic testing of process equipment and industrial safety expertise of hazardous production facilities.

In December 2010, the system of frequency control of the MNU was installed, and since April 2011 is in trial operation. The system ensures a stable maintenance of the oil-gas pressure drop setting at 1.5 atm with a deviation of no more than 0.03 atm. When working through the frequency converter, the shaft of the engine of a screw oil pump with a rated power of 55 kW rotates at a reduced speed, which is approximately 60% of the nominal value. Accordingly, the saving of electrical energy is about 40% of the engine power.

Fourteen systems of frequency-controlled AWO gas at the compressor stations of Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk were put into operation, which enabled the operating organization, in addition to obtaining a direct economic effect from the introduction of modern energy-saving technologies, to avoid carrying out seasonal work (twice a year) by rearranging the corners attack blades more than three hundred giant fans. In previous years, there have been cases of injuries and even deaths during such work. Taking into account the positive results of operation of the AVOG-CRP systems at compressor stations, during the period from 2009 to 2014 the introduction of similar systems was carried out in a number of other subsidiaries, including Gazprom dobycha Nadym, Gazprom transgaz St. Petersburg and others.


Established a separate production unit Gazmashproekt in Zhukovsky.

The collective of the production department has more than 100 employees. The production department performs serial production of products, including electrical products of cabinet execution (aggregate NKU, sets AVOG-CHRP of various modifications, control panels), large-scale products of block design on the chassis and without (ventilation and heating systems, electrotechnical complete units, nitrogen stations , mobile heaters), as well as pre-production of unique single samples of specialized process equipment for the needs of oil companies Azov industry.

The technical equipment of the division allows to carry out a full production cycle in a short time and with high quality. The production department is equipped with the necessary machine park, including milling and turning machines, welding station with welding semiautomatic devices, the tire preparation section, including bending and perforating machines, laser engraving site. The assembly and repair section of REA is equipped with a modern automatic infrared station, which allows to install and repair printed circuit boards of the highest complexity category.

The Gazmashproekt branch was established in Orenburg. The location of the branch organization was chosen not accidentally, as the Orenburg region is at the beginning of the creation of the Russian gas industry and the specialists who created it have rich experience and unique knowledge that are continuously being improved. The purpose and task of the branch is to support the unique developments of Gazmashproekt, due to the lack of companies on the market that could provide the full range of works related to the installation, commissioning, commissioning and further maintenance of this unique equipment. At present, work is carried out at Gazprom facilities throughout the Russian gas transmission system from the place of extraction of blue fuel in the regions of the Far North to the westernmost borders of our homeland in the Kaliningrad region.

Gazmashproject was established in 2004. Directions of the company’s activities were selected: development and industrial production of modern high-tech equipment for Gazprom’s gas transportation and gas production companies, overhaul, technical, service and diagnostic equipment of compressor station.